Atlanta Hawks’ HR Playbook: Simple Tech, Big Engagement

Updated: 23 hours ago

The Atlanta Hawks’ Guest Experience Team was struggling to find an easy way to communicate with all its team members; they needed an easy way to get their message on their TV screens without the IT department.

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The Hawks Guest Experience team is always on the move at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, creating awesome experiences for fans — not sitting at a computer waiting for instructions...

So the Hawks partnered with Sign Stream to create their very own TV channel.

With quick and easy setup, they had updated TV displays in the arena’s break rooms and hallways in minutes — resulting in more knowledgeable, more engaged employees.

The Atlanta Hawks’ Needed to Reach More Employees

The Hawks’ Guest Experience Team was looking for creative technology to reach their team. But they wanted it to be simple - they could not rely on the IT team every time they needed to get out a new message. Those guys already stayed plenty busy solving business problems and building gameday solutions. And the HR department didn’t need a complex solution like the displays around the arena. They wanted something simple and that they could manage on thier own. The answer — by DKS Design.

Sign Stream Gave the Hawks a Simple & Robust Tech Solution

The top reason the Guest Experience Team leaders loved Sign Stream: ease of use. Sign-up was simple and free, and the Sign Stream team quickly answered their questions and walked them thru every step of the way.

They were able to get everything up and running in just a few clicks:

  • The HR team created their branded TV channel at